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Tor Relay status (2)

So I thought it would be time for a small update on the status of my Tor Exit Relay (324B624A0AFBD2F81414CB80466282E299AA89E1).

Since my initial status post of 21/11/2017 not much has changed.

First of all, my Relay is already in Phase three and is no longer considered to be “new”, which is also reflected in the fact that that statement is gone from the Tor Metrics page.

Because of this, I have changed some bandwidth-related configuration settings to allow more traffic to pass over my relay, which is reflected in a bump in the Exit Probability and Consensus Weight Fraction.

RelayBandwidthRate 250 KBytes   # Throttle traffic to 250KB/s (1Mbps)
RelayBandwidthBurst 300 KBytes  # But allow bursts up to 300KB/s
AccountingMax 250 GBytes        # Allow 250GB of traffic per month

StijnsTorSpot's probability on 2017-12-04

And lastly, my relay has accrued the following flags so far: Tor Exit flag Exit, Tor Fast flag Fast, Tor Running flag Running, Tor Stable flag Stable, Tor Valid flag Valid, Tor IPv6 ORPort flag IPv6 ORPort and Tor IPv6 Exit flag IPv6 Exit.